Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bedtime Prayers and an Update

Our Sweet Girl is active, super smart, and a whole bunch of Sassy!

We are amazed at how much she has grown and adapted since arriving home...she has a 40+ word vocabulary and for the past week has been going potty 3-4 times a day on her big girl seat! She loves to get into her brother's toys, the cabinets...pretty much anything new that pulls at her curiosity.

We went to the zoo and she loved the "animals", she didn't want to learn the word zoo or lion...instead she learned to say giraffe and animals. I think she thinks she is just as grown up as her brothers!

For months she would scream when I tried to take pictures, but now she smiles and poses for the camera. She loves the water and runs straight into the pool in over her head and when we at arms length grab her and tell her to kick, she just laughs and claps....let's just say I am a bundle of nerves when we head to the pool. My boys were terrified to get water on their head and she just wants to dive right under!

We had a fun adventure at the airport welcoming buddy Miles home and meeting Bates & Aiden. Of course our sweet girl just wanted "downnnnn" so she could explore and run around!

She has quickly learned to say no and has went from eating everything in sight to taking the lead from her big brother and if she doesn't like something will shake her head "no" followed by a "yuck". She will put on Momma's shoes, jackets, socks, whatever she can find. It is not uncommon to see her packing around Hotwheels or a Nerf hot pursuit of her big brothers.

She loves for me to sing "Rock a bye Baby" and will laugh and giggle..she runs to get her babies and sings "rock a bye" to them and rocks them...such a loving girl. She likes to sing and dance and now runs to the Nursery at church...during puppets she always jumps up to sing and dance!

Life is crazy busy with three littles in the house...especially with two under five that love Mommy's attention. However, no matter how hectic life becomes, we absolutely wouldn't trade these moments with our kiddos for anything in the world! We are so blessed!

Saturday, January 22, 2011