Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Waiting Child by Cindy Champnella

When adopting there are certain training requirements parents must go through to ensure you are ready to adopt/parent a child. We get tickled because anyone can have a baby - no training required, but after nine years of parenting, we need to meet all of these training requirements before we can have our baby!
Don't misunderstand; I am not far we have learned so much, even after years of parenting. Since we have learned so much I wanted to share the information with others, because some of these books are so educational. There is a lesson to be learned whether you are adopting, have biological children, or are just in a ministry or profession with children.
The first book I will discuss is The Waiting Child by Cindy Champnella. I picked this book up and in the first sitting read the first eleven chapters! I could not put the book down; the writer has such a profound way of sharing the story of her daughter that it just draws you in. The next day I read every chance I had and in less than 24 hours had devoured the entire book!
As quickly as I read the book five days later I am still processing and in awe of the examples of Christ and motherhood that are shared in this book. Not just the honesty and realism of the adoptive mom in this story, but the unconditional love and example of daily pleading with God by the four year old girl for the child she left behind when she was adopted. Kind of weird phrase...a four year old mom...however, in this particular type of orphanage often the older children take on parenting roles for the smaller children. I have never read of an example of a "mother" that was so committed and adamant in her prayers to God for her child.
This book has convicted my heart in my love and prayer life for my children. Do I daily plead with heaven for my children and their needs? Do I have the focus, determination, and selflessness to put my child's needs before my own? There is so much to be learned in the example of this child.
The author of this book also provided a glimpse of the reality of the trauma a child can experience when they are whisked away from the people, sounds, culture, smells...basically everything they know and moved to a place where they look different, do not understand the language...basically everything is strange and different to them.
As life proceeds with my family, I pray that we can take the life lessons and examples of hope, faith, and love and live them in or lives. That is truly what each of us must do daily, take the lessons provided and work to make this world a move loving and kind place in which we are making an impact on eternity.
If you are interested this book is available at the Hopkinsville/Christian County Public soon I return it that is :)

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  1. This sounds like a really good book. I just looked it up on Amazon and think I'm going to have to order it!