Friday, February 26, 2010

Prayer Requests Answered!!!!!!!

Many of you were praying for two little girls, whose files crossed our family in their adoption journey. The first little girl was matched to her family a few weeks ago. I cannot tell you the joy & peace that we felt knowing that God's plan was for these little girls to be in a family and that our Annalee is still out there waiting for God's timing to reveal her to us. God has so richly blessed our lives in praying for these two sweet girls and their forever families.
When the second little girl we reviewed was photolisted, we learned that a family on the Holt forum/bb would be asking to review her file. I quickly messaged this contact, she sent me her phone number, and for the next thirty minutes I told this adoptive mom about this wonderful little girl. At the time little did I know that today a committee would meet and out of mulitple families this family would be chosen as this sweet baby's mommy! WE ARE SO HAPPY FOR YOU!
It is amazing how God works, isn't it?
All day today I have been anxiously awaiting news, knowing that the committee would meet today and praying for my new friend that God would bless her and the family with peace as tey waited. I cannot imagine the flood of emotions she had this week and especially today as she waited for the call to say either, "You're a mom or sorry we decided on another family." 
Many people have asked us how difficult the wait has been and we have to admit we are blessed. We cried so many tears over these two sweet girls, that it would have been so difficult to accept a referral knowing they were still waiting! Thanks be to God that we do not have to wait and wonder anymore if we made the right decision.
Please continue to pray for these sweet girls and their families! Also, we covet your prayers for our sweet Annalee! We are praying for God's protection over her little life and hopefully wait for the day she will be in our arms!
Have a wonderful last weekend in February...spring is on it's way!

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  1. I'm so happy for both little girls. I can't wait until the Lord reveals YOUR Annalee. It's so hard to wait on His timing but she will be worth the wait!!