Wednesday, February 10, 2010


As many of you following our journey know, in January we reviewed the file of a photo listed little girl, whom we nicknamed "Sunshine" and she just stole our hearts away. However, due to some very major medical risks we decided not to proceed to committee. (see below for a link to the previous post.)
We were so heartbroken, but were at peace that we had made the right decision for this little girl and our family. It is strange to be at peace and grieving so deeply at the same time. So, daily we have been praying for this sweet girl and her family to be matched.
The next week we received a second file and we were in self protection mode. We felt no attachment to the pictures and information, and although we really tried to be open minded, in the end we just knew the child had greater health needs than we could care for at this time. It was another very hard decision and between the two weeks we were just exhausted.
God has granted us a time of rest as we have continued to pray daily for these two beautiful little girls and last week I was able to speak with a family that had requested the file on the second little girl. We have just hoped and prayed for the day their photos would change from "No longer accepting inquiries" to "I have a family".
We have in our prayer requests at the bottom of this page a note requesting prayer for these girls to be matched to their families. We feel that God placed them in our paths, so that all of our friends and family would pray them home with us!
Tonight I checked the photolisting and sweet Sunshine HAS A FAMILY!!!! Hubby and I sat and just smiled and excitedly looked at her photo with the new tag on it! We are so thankful that she will have her forever family and that our God continues to lead us and answer prayers on behalf of the orphans. Thank you to all of you who have prayed for this sweet girl and have been praying for our hearts to heal. We now have closure knowing that she is safely placed with a family and we now feel that we can be open to a new referral that will come our way without that "what if" doubt clouding our judgement!
Please continue to pray for the sweet little one still waiting for her forever family!
Also, please pray for our I600A paperwork to process smoothly. I goofed on the address, so after about 20 days we received it in returned mail. I resent it Monday and it should have been delivered today by 6pm, but I have not received notification of it being received...this paperwork provides us advanced approval to adopt internationally from the US Government. THANK YOU PRAYER WARRIORS!

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  1. I'm so happy for Sunshine!! You must have such a peace knowing that you did the right thing and that God had her picked out for someone else. Don't worry...He has the perfect little girl picked out for your family and I can't wait to see who it is!!!! :)