Thursday, October 1, 2009

"I want Annalee"

Tonight we went to Wal-Mart for a few groceries, the lines were long so I grabbed the new People's Magazine that I saw on my last trip, so I could read the brief article on the baby girl Katherine Heigl just adopted from Korea. She is just precious and it was a really great article on adoption and the heritage adoption played in her family! Pics at: So, as I am reading the article, Isaiah, my almost three year old said, "I want to see the baby!" I said, "See Isaiah this baby's name is Naleigh, but your little sister Annalee is going to be cute just like her!" Okay, so I guess my mom brain did not kick in fast enough to realize that kids at two/three do not understand that a baby looks like what their baby will look like, so when I went to put the magazine down, he said, "I want Annalee, I want my sister!" By then the little lady behind us was quite amused and looking at us funny, so I had to explain we had just started the process of adopting a baby girl from Korea we will name Annalee. She continued to smile as I took Isaiah out of the cart and headed for the door, while Nate paid for the groceries! All the while Isaiah is chanting, "I want Annalee, I want my sister!" I am so glad the boys are excited about their little sister coming, although we have to keep reminding them it probably will not be until their next birthdays roll around! I think we all will have to learn to practice patience. Of course I also had to come home and find the magazine article on-line so Isaiah could look at the pictures again before sweet!

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