Friday, April 23, 2010

No News...Extremely Blessed!

Well, my mailbox stalking has been completely without result this week! I have resisted the urge to send an email off to the USCIS office as well...very tough, since I have this urge to remind them it has been three weeks and no news, but I figure it would be good to wait just one more week :)
Tomorrow marks four months of waiting for a referral for our Annalee. The time has passed so quickly and we have been able to prepare in so many ways.
Last night at church my dear adoption friends surprised me with a gift in a "baby" was so sweet I could have cried on the spot. Since they know how much I love to read and prepare for our lives as adoptive parents, they gave me a great book! You will have to stay tuned for a future book review!
Monday we were blessed with a huge donation to our yardsale. Our friends Stephanie and Darrell were so generous in their "Spring Cleaning" items. The highlight was getting to have dinner with Stephanie "just the girls" to chat and share about our lives in general lately. I am so thankful that God continues to bless our lives with Christian friends!
Supporting a Good Cause:
Tonight I came across a blog in which an adoptive family is raising money through a very nifty craft themed hairbows. If you have adopted from Ethiopia or Korea or know someone who has or will be, then head over to their site & check them out...just adorable!
If you live in Hopkinsville, KY and will be looking for some entertainment tomorrow evening (04/23/2010), then stop by the youth building at Hillcrest Baptist Church at 7:00pm for a free concert and guest speaker, Kelly Putty from Ordinary Hero They will be taking up a love offering to raise money for the Wilson family, currently adopting from Ethiopia.


  1. Hope you hear something next week! :)

  2. Just announced the winner, a grab box and where to get them! :) :)