Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Want My Sissy

Tonight as I put the boys to bed we were listening to Pandora Radio. Our youngest was restless and I was trying to get him to settle in to sleep...this is a glimpse of our bedtime conversation:

Youngest Son: "Mommy, I want my Sissy."

Mom: "What do you want?"

Youngest Son: "My Sissy!"

Mom: "Me too. I want Annalee too. God will bring her to us when it is the right time"

Youngest Son: "Oh. God?"

Mom: "Yes God will bring us Annalee."

Youngest Son: "Where is God?"

Mom: "God is in heaven."

Youngest Son: "Mommy, you'll go on the plane and get Annalee?"

Mom: "Yes. I will go on the plane and get your Sissy."

Youngest Son: "Is the plane this big?" (Holding hands about six inches apart)

Mom: "No. In a great big plane."

Youngest Son: "This big?" (Holding hands two inches apart)

Mom: "No as big as the house."

Youngest Son: "Oh. This big." (Holding hands as far as he can spread them)

Oldest Son: "The plane will be bigger than our house."

Youngest Son: "You'll bring Annalee on the plane."

Mom: "Yes, I will bring her home to you and Daddy."

Youngest Son: "Oh. Okay." As he snuggles under the covers next to me. Pandora Radio begins to play Beautiful One..."Beautiful One I love, Beautiful One I adore...Beautiful One my soul longs for..."

Tears trickle slowly...

"Annalee, Our sweet Annalee. We do not know if you have been born, we don't know the struggles you have or may face. All we know if that God has placed us so deeply in our hearts and souls and we long to have you come be a part of our family. We ray for you every day, many times a day for God to keep you safe, to hold you when we can't, to place you with a foster family that loves God and will teach you about Him until you come to us. Sweet Annalee, you are our beautiful little girl, our Sissy, we love you!"

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