Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Fun!!!

Our household becomes busy with activity in the summer months and this year has been no exception.

Here is a glimpse into our summer fun!

Oldest Son is playing Machine-Pitch Baseball:

(Playing the Catcher position)

Youngest Son playing T-Ball:

While Hubby was at Kentucky Changers the boys and I attended our Agency Family Adoption Day. We rode with our adoption friends/mentors and had the best time!

We decided also to do a few projects to surprise Daddy while he was gone to KY Changers:

Old to New

From beige and dingy to bright and green:


Hand-print trays:

We are so proud of our boys and have had lots of fun cheering them on. I also have such a respect now for single and military parents, that are raising their kids from months to years alone. I dearly love my boys, but am so happy hubby was only gone for one week. The boys and I missed him dearly!

This was my first time to paint a room and by myself, so I was just so please at how well it turned out. We still have to switch out the black switches and outlets from black to white, put up new trim and crown molding, but overall it is such a boost and we really like the green!

We were able to meet our new niece last night...she is my namesake...Rachel Ellen! I was able to hold her quite a bit, since hubby caught poison ivy at camp he couldn't hold her...bad for him, but more snuggle time for me :) She is a doll baby and I was even thrilled when I got the chance to change her stinky diaper! Can you tell I am in baby love right now?

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  1. You have been BUSY!! Congrats on the new niece!