Thursday, December 17, 2009

Getting so close...

Yesterday I called and spoke with our contact at Holt to verify the next steps in the process. Good news is that once our homestudy is complete and the final copy submitted we are added to the Waiting Child referral waiting list with Holt. We do not have to submit our I-600A to be added to the list!

So, what are we waiting on? We still have two of our reference letters that have to be turned in before the homestudy can be considered complete. Please pray that our references will have time before Christmas to get these submitted. Also, we have decided we are going to re-examine the list of Medical Conditions we would be willing to accept for the referral. This is such a difficult thing to know and we are just praying for God's guidance to know what to mark and then to bring us the perfect child for our family.

This process so far has passed so quickly! We can't wait to mail out our letters to our families and friends announcing we are officially on the list!

Please say a quick prayer, our van has a squeek/grind in one of the rear brakes. We are taking it into the shop tomorrow and we are praying that it can be fixed for a minimal financial dent into our savings! Have a great night!

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  1. That medical conditions list is hard! We spent a lot of time on that and it's just so hard to know what you should check. Praying the Lord will give you wisdom!