Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our Gift

Last night we received a wonderful gift! Our case worker had finished our home study and emailed us a draft for review! Just a few more days and it will be on its way to Holt and we will be added to the referral list, Yeah!!!!!!!

Today we celebrated our family Christmas time together before the hustle and bustle of travelling to see the extended families for the holidays. Santa came last night and we spent time until noon opening presents, putting toys together, and playing. Although I thoroughly enjoyed this time with our boys, my heart was heavy with the everpresent void of Annalee not being here with us. Throughout the day there were moments, when I just had to stop and pray. God is growing the longing in our hearts for our little girl to be home with us.

e went to town this afternoon and stopped by a new thrift shop in town. We found a cute little costume, which I mentioned we could pick up for our youngest niece, Nate just smiled, "no it's cute, I know you were thinking of Annalee, let's get it for her!" So hopefully she will be able to fit into it when she gets here, it is around 12-18 months in size.

Since we are trying our best to pay for the adoption as we go, I am working hard to restrict my spending on stuff for the baby until closer until she comes. The goal is to not purchase more than one item a month for now. In September afer sending in our application I found this adorable dress for only $2.00 new at K-Mart. I went ahead and bought a 2T since we requested a 0-2 year old. I just love the colorful prints on the dress...she will look so cute!!!

Our second purchase was in October and it was an album to send to Annalee in Korea once we receive our referral. We will add family pictures, so she can get to know us!

In November a dear lady in our church, Ms. Esther gave us a book on adoption featuring an Asian child throughout the story. I am sure this will be a special book to share with our little girl for years to come!

Then for our December gift we picked out a "Jesus Loves Me" bunny with the softest fabric. I can just see her snuggling this soft little toy, hopefully it will be comforting to Annalee!

We are praying that our dear Annalee will be here next year to celebrate Christmas with us!

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