Sunday, December 13, 2009

World's Greatest Husband!

The adoption process has been described as a paper chase, emotional roller coaster, test of a person's patience and resolve, and the most wonderful gift any family can experience. Just three months into the process we can agree with everyone of those statements!
It is so amazing to see God work in your family, to see your children's capacity to love and share grow, to see yourselves as parents analyze your skills and approaches to adapt and grow to even more effective parenting, and to see your spouse be your stallworth of strength and to sacrifice so much for your sweet child!
My husband has to be the greatest husband in the world (at least the greatest for me!) He has been so understanding and my strength when I have been weary, emotional, and just stressed out (usually self-inflicted by my expectations or worry).
He took on our cake fundraiser and baked all 23 cakes at Thanksgiving, he has sent me out for girls night just to relax, and in the past two weeks he has worked on the house in many ways to make it nice for our home study on Monday. Two weeks ago he put new lighting in the kitchen & dining room and today he painted both rooms...did I mention our home visit is Monday?
He worked all day from the time he got up until the entire room was painted. I don't think he sat down all day! He is one determined man when he sets his mind on something! I am so thankful for a husband who will work so hard for our family and to continue to make a nice home for us.
Here are some before and after pics. Our house was built in the early 1960s and the room had the original flat paint, which is completely unwashable. There were ugly spots all over the room from different times, the main wall had a cleaner spray stain, where at some point we tried to clean the wall, but it just made spots running down, ugh!
The room before the new paint:

Painting the stairwell...this is about the same difference of bad to good of change in the kirchen/dining room:

The newly painted kitchen/dining room (and the new chandalier):

Needless to say I am going to love our newly painted room! Watch out soon as the Christmas tree comes down the living room is next..can't wait to show off the color we have picked is really going to "brighten up" the space!

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  1. Isn't it amazing what a can of paint can do? It's such a fairly inexpensive way to get a new look! Hope everything goes well tomorrow. I'll be praying for you!