Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Books, Dreams, and a Promise

One of our favorite activities is reading books with our boys. There is nothing that compares to snuggling in a chair and have them attentively listen to every word. Funny voices, faces, and giggles add to the treasured time.
Part of what makes this hobby so special is the "favorite" book that each of our sons has chosen. Just as their personalities are as different as night and day at times, they are in the same breath so similar...the link in their favorite books is family, love, and commitment of the parent to the child. It holds a promise and stability that we want our children to share, to know that no matter what we love them, forever and always.
When Ethan was very little the book we always read together was "Are You My Mother" by Doctor Seuss. I would dramatically change my voice for each character, the cow, the machine, and the other animals...each time saying, "No I am a _____, I am not your mother", but the best part is the end of the story when the mama bird comes back to the nest and tells the baby bird, "Yes I am your mother"!
Isaiah picked a book when he was just a baby that is dedicated with love to all the missing children in the world and to the memory of Kelly Cook. I do not remember who gave him the book, but I thought, what an odd gift, a book written about missing children, but as we have read through the pages over a hundred times or more now, it has grown to a special place in my heart. Not just because just as "Are You My Mother" is a family book that has bonded me with my son, but because "I Promise I'll Find You" by Heather Patricia Ward lets my little one no that no matter what I would do anything to keep him safe.
Tonight before bed as we shared this story my heart swelled with thoughts of our Annalee and our journey to add her to our family...we wonder what book she will choose, the many times we as a family will share a book, a song, a hug...but for now we dream of her and pledge this to her...
"...If I had a little airplane I'd fly across the sky. I'd look and look and look for you as every day went by...If I had a little racecar, I'd race the whole world twice. I'd find you and I'd keep you, Oh, that would be so nice...If I had a little rocket ship, I'd shoot up to the moon, Oh that would be the fastest way, I'd have you really soon...If I had a little green balloon, I'd fly all through the air, I'd pick you up and bring you home, And you would know I care...And if I had no other way, I'd walk or crawl or run. I'd search to the very ends of the earth, For you my precious one..."

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