Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Korean American Day!!!

As if this week hasn't already been an emotional whirlwind, found out yesterday that due to a change in policy, that we will not be able to use the escort service for Annalee to come home. So, I will be traveling to Korea to pick her up and meet the family or workers that have cared for her. Now it is imperative that I get a good camera before I go! I want to take pictures and document as much of her culture as I can while there! You have to be in country for at least three business days; providing enough time for site seeing and documenting some important things about Korea for her.
We decided that for now the plan is that I travel (maybe with a friend or family member) and Nate will stay home with the boys. Our youngest has a hard time traveling even the 3 hours we go to visit family, so we think it is best for the boys to stay home. My husband is such a giving man to request that I go and meet our sweet Annalee!
For our Blog Post Title: Today is Korean American Day!!! A time to appreciate the Korean Americans in our lives!


This past week our hearts have been held by the prayers so many of you have sent up on our behalf. We also have been blessed by our church family and friends...a Sunday School class handed me an envelope Sunday morning with a cash donation for our adoption, a couple in our church also provided a cash donation, we received our first JustLoveCoffee check, we have had another cake order, someone provided child care for free, and a friend loaned us an adoption book and gave me a beautiful pin picture frame for our little girl.
God's love and strength is permeating this adoption and we are so humbled by all of you who daily pray for us, encourage us, and are just there when we need you...from the bottom of our hearts...Thank You!
Prayers Please:
This blog has been such a blessing in connecting me with other families who are adopting or considering the adoption journey. I am calling on all my friends that are praying for our adoption to also pray for Amy, Amy, and Christie as their families seek God's will and move further down the path to their children!

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  1. Aaaaah! That is AMAZING! I'd LOVE to go WITH YOU! I miss South Korea so much and hope that we can get stationed there! What part of Korea are you going to? I lived in Daegu and traveled to Seoul, Busan, flew into Incheon, Daejeon... I am always praying for your family!!!