Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bulbs, Fingerprints, and Videos

What a random collection of items in the title, right?
Well, in our adoption world they all three resulted into many steps complete in our adoption journey!
Last night Hubby and I watched the second of a two part medical risks DVD. The video had a great IAP (International Adoption Provider) that led the taped meeting. She provided some great information and even though it was only about China and Guatemala, the data on Guatemala seemed very similar to what we have learned about the Korean system of health have risks and child care. The #1 thing we learned on the DVD - if you are in a meeting that will be taped...make sure you have plenty of halls ready for the coughers! Ah, ah, cough, cough :)
Now that we have completed our DVDs we have to complete the online classes and take our infant & child CPR/First Aid certification. Since the CPR certification is only good for one year, when it is done through the Red Cross, then we will probably wait until closer to referral to take the class.
Today we went to the USCIS Service Center in Nashville, TN to have our biometrics completed. We arrived and hour early...since we weren't sure where we were going or how long of a wait we would have. When we arrived there was only one other couple wrapping up, we filled out the paperwork, immediately had our prints completed, and were out the door in less than 15-20 minutes! The people were very nice and the only issue we had was my birthday scanned three days off from the actual date, so they indicated they would fix it.
The lady completing my prints indicated she had seen several that day that scanned incorrectly. I asked if our prints were good as I had trouble getting my prints scanned for work once before and she indicated that it is not up to their office to accept the prints, so we would have to wait for a determination in a couple of weeks. She did ask if I had burned my right hand, because the skin on my right pinky fingertip was very had little vertical lines on the print. I indicated "no" but I have been knitting lately and we think it is probably "yarn burn"...too funny! (I will have to post some of my knitting projects on another day!)
When we arrived home this evening, there was a black crate on our front porch. I was so excited! Our bulb orders had arrived from Dutch Mill Bulbs! The order was correct and now I can get all of the orders delivered this weekend! Yeah! Also, they came in this great plastic rectangle crate with handles..I am sure to find a good use for it!
When we entered the house, as is routine lately, I rushed to the phone to see if there was a red light blinking for an answering machine message. It was! I took a deep breath and hit "play", well, it was nothing more than a meeting cancellation notice for my hubby!So, no referral as of 03/18/2010, but I think we made great progress this week!!!!
What are the next steps on our journy?
  • Register for the on-line classes
  • Ethan & I apply for Passports
  • Mission for Annalee Easter Cakes
  • Starting to prepare for the April Yardsale
Also, a group on the Holt BB decided to give up something or do something until EPs are issued and referrals are issued to thost that have been waiting the longest...kind of like fasting or lent. So, as a consensus people decided to start doing sit-ups, so I have committed to doing 25 sit-ups a day through the end of the year! Hopefully this will offset my waiting for my baby to come junk food eating I have been doing! :) This week we have had 7 travel calls and multiple referrals in the past 10 days! Yeah!
We love to see babies matched and coming home to their forever families!

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  1. Sounds like your moving right along and keeping busy while you're waiting!!