Monday, March 22, 2010

How do you wait?

Waiting can be a tough thing to do!
How does one wait for things? Well, you hope to do it with grace abounding, as we all know patience is a virtue! However, in reality, patience is usually not gained graciously, but through the trials of times that try our will, our desire, and our resolve to stand strong and not loose hope for the goal, the prize, the wonderful blessing.
Most days in our home we wait without much thought to the time. We are busy with church, school, work, friends, and family. Some days our schedule seems brimming to the edge of the cup! This is not a complaint as we are so blessed to have a life enriched with the many people in our lives. In fact, until recently the time passed so quickly, we didn't even imagine that tomorrow will mark three months, since our names were placed on the list for our referral for our daughter!
The past three months have included so much growth and learning about adoption, two girl files that were placed with families, reading books, fingerprints, medical risk dvds, fundraising, lots of visits from my parents, and tons of church activities! It is no wonder that the time passed so quickly!
One thing that has occupied time over the past couple of months has been a new craft/hobby - KNITTING! Thank you to the Material Girls group at Hillcrest Baptist Church and specifically Ms. Connie (and all the yarn donated by my mom) - I can knit, pearl, increase, decrease, and found a hobby that is quite enjoyable!
Below are some of the pieces made in the past weeks:
First Piece - Dish Rag

Second Piece - Pot Holder

Tribbles/Pot Scrubbers

Adult Hat - fits hubby & I

Toddler Hat - fits our 3 year old

Kid Hat - fits our 9 year old

Infant Hat - fits our baby doll
So, this is how the time is passed lately in the Ragsdale House...knitting needles, looms, and yarn!

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  1. Waiting is so hard! And no one knows that better than families in the adoption process, but all of our waiting will one day melt away as soon as we hold those precious babies God has picked out just for us! I love all of your knitting projects, but especially the hats!