Saturday, March 27, 2010

Love or Hate...depends...

Is there an object in your life that you have a love/hate relationship with?
You know that object that is an everyday part of your life. You may take it with your everywhere you go, or check on it everytime you walk in the door, or wonder while you're gone what you'll find the next time you use it?
Well, in our house the object or our affection or dismay is our ANSWERING MACHINE!
As we have approached the three month mark waiting for a referral the answering machine has become that golden fortune cookie. Everytime we walk in the door, we glance around the corner to see if the light is blinking, then if there is the red light, we dash to the bedroom and press play. Deep breath, could this be the day? Could this be the call that changes our lives forever?
This week we have had two red light alerts...
Thursday my hubby was a bit down, so after several hugs and a bit of prodding I discovered that the darned machine had once again disappointed. Instead of "Hello, this is the waiting child program with Holt", hubby came home to hear, "Hello! This is your local PEEBLES, this is a message for only our best customers...!" AGH!!! You have to be kidding me right; at this point we don't care about the sale this weekend! Especially my hubby!
Of course I completely understood the disappointment of having that anticipation and butterfly in your belly, just before you push the "play" button. A million thoughts begin to rush through your mind, what will she look like, how old will she be, are we really prepared to add a third child to the mix. It's like that 3-5 minute period while you're waiting for the stick to show one line or two.
Today I came home from work and as I plopped my computer bag and purse on the couch, I glanced at the phone to see the red light blinking. Woohoo, "Son, hold that though I'll be right back" as I scurried to the bedroom. Pause. Deep Breath. Play. "Hello, this is your local Kingdom Hall of J. W. calling to invite you to the death of Jesus celebration..." Delete.
"What the heck, you have got to be kidding me?!?" That is what verbally came out of my mouth, but my mind was saying something a little more colorful, including "Holy" and "Hockeysticks".  First, what kind of celebration are they having, are you kidding me? Disturbing. Second...I am now totally in a hate relationship with my answering machine!
Thankfully it is Friday and so now we get a breather, the two day vacation from the answering machine roller coaster. Someone said recently, that you know you are adopting when you wish away your weekends and holidays (because you know you can't get "THE CALL" when the offices are closed). I would add to that, "You know you are adopting when a little red light, causes you to run, instead of stop, and tempts you to toss an electronic devices against the wall for stress relief!" :)
Ahhh....but I wouldn't trade it for the world!!!! You know, because next time, it might actually be THE CALL! The joy of sweet hope!
Have a blessed weekend!

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  1. Ellen! I am so glad to have found you! Oh, I remember so well the feelings that you have described! You are right that it is so worth it but man, it is a roller coaster! I will be praying for you this week! I cannot wait to follow along and see your sweet one too!!!!!
    Blessings on you!