Monday, March 15, 2010

Cakes & Cleaning

To everyone that has been asking about the Mission for Annalee Cakes....We will be baking the week before Easter, with the last deliveries being made the Friday before Easter. See the following link for information on our cakes:
If you would like to order start early, I only have boxes for 61 more cakes! We need at least a 48 hour advanced notice on orders.
Now for the second topic cleaning...a few days with warm weather and the leap forward this weekend has put our family in spring cleaning mode. We are also a family on a mission!
What mission?
Well, we plan to have our huge Mission For Annalee Yard Sale in April. We are going through the house and all the clutter will be out and hopefully bring in a huge chunk of change! Please pray that our yardsale is a huge success. Also, I have some collectable items I will be selling and am hoping for top dollar!
Are you in the Spring Cleaning mode? What area of your house are you ready to tackle? Well, we are here to help! If you have donations for the yard sale and live locally we will come and pick them up (...if they'll fit in the mini-van) :) If you live a little further away and have items, check with us, we have met a few people to pick up their donations!
We can't tell you how much your prayers, love & support mean to our family! Please pray for us as the wait hits three months waiting for a referral soon. We expected this long of a wait or more, but some days are harder than others. Also, we are getting our fingerprints done Thursday for our US pre-approval to adopt...pray they are clear and speed through this part of the process!
Have a great week!

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  1. We're planning a yard sale in April, too...if I can get all of this junk cleaned out first! :)