Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Celebrating a Beautiful Life

The past five days we have spent with my husband's family processing the loss of the foundation of the family and celebrating the 90 wonderful years his grandmother was on this earth!

It is never easy to have a loved ones life end here on earth, but what a glorious day when that person meets their Savior! We spoke of how she was reunited with her husband, parents, and all of the grandbabies that we longed to hold, but they went onto heaven before we could hold them. She has left a godly heritage with her family and as my husband said, "she probably was with grandpa now, dancing an Irish jig!"

Granny Ragsdale welcomed me into the family from the day I met her. I enjoyed the many visits when we just chatted, since all of my grandparents have been deceased for many years, my hubby's grandma's have been so special to me. I think when we have family visits I would enjoy visiting with them and learning about the family, their lives, and just visiting in general as much if not more than anyone else! There is something so wonderful about talking with someone who has lived through so many changes our world has seen in the past 75-100 years and still have such a strong moral fiber and godly perspective to share.

I hope you all have someone in your life that can share these lifelong lessons and values. If you do, take a moment today to let them know how much you care!

The Ragsdales

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  1. It is wonderful that you share so many wonderful memories of her, and that you have such peace in knowing she is with her savior...and many more enjoying the streets of gold that were paved for her. Blessings on your family!