Friday, May 21, 2010

Dream a little dream...

Last Saturday we were at my in-laws we looked at pictures of the family with hubby's grandma. There is a really cute picture of hubby, his brother, and his sister...hubby is sporting this cute little bowl cut, that was so the style in the early 80s. :) She keeps this picture in the dining room, so we see it every time we are there.

I share this as I think it was the inspiration to a very interesting or you might say bizarre dream I had that night....

Sunday morning I woke up startled and a little shook up! My hubby asked me what was the I shared the dream I had with him...I think by the time I as done, he would have rather not known!

I was in Korea with our oldest son and a group of parents also picking up their babies. They gave me a child that snuggled against me so sweetly. As we walked out another mother asked me why I was so upset when I had my baby, I should be happy. I turned and told her, "I was here to get my Annalee, but they gave me Johnathan. I'm not upset I just don't understand."

At that point the Korean Agency worker told me, "You have to take Johnathan first, then you can come back and get Annalee, she's not ready yet." All the while this sweet tall, lanky four year old boy, with a shiny black bowl cut hair and round big brown eyes (not the typical Korean eyes), hugged me and looked up at me as I held him. The other adoptive mother, said "...and see he loves you so much already. He hasn't even cried a bit."

At this point my hubby woke me to get ready for church. So, the thing that initially had me startled when I woke up was, who is Johnathan? Not a typical Korean name and we have never picked the name Johnathan as a name we would use. Our alternative boy names were Samuel Godfrey or Daniel Zellar. The other thing that was startling was how vivid the dream was...I could picture this child, it was so detailed!

So to add to the weirdness of this whole thing, at church that morning. The pastor spoke on Johnathan and David and how David took Johnathan's relative in his home as his own. The message was on goodness and kindness, he ended the sermon asking if God was drawing anyone to act in kindness, to take a step of faith...maybe adopt a child...

So, needless to say my hubby did not find my dream amusing or think it was funny when I underlined, Johnathan, in my sermon notes. Of course we are longing for a daughter to be added to our family...but it does make one think!

Of course I shared my dream with the adoption forum and found that bizarre dreams are just par for the course. I think one mom indicated she dreamed she picked up her daughter to only find it was an elderly man! So, waiting can do strange things to your dream can adorable pictures of bowl cuts (of course my hubby is a red head, so not sure how that translated)!

Sweet dreams!

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