Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Pictures of our Girl!!!

Here is the newborn picture we received of our baby girl...it is so funny that the Well Baby Checks for the first four months note her "yellow" hair! We think it is just darling!

Kodak has a great offer for 20 free photo cards and 50 free mommy cards...only cost...postage for $6.88! A great deal to share your sweet baby with the family and friends!

Above the picture is the front of the card (vertical)
and the back of the card is the writing (horizontal)

Our boys have bunkbeds in their room. I slipped one mommy card between the slats of the top bunk, so my little one can see her picture from the bottom bunk and them mounted one to the rail on the top bunk for our oldest son....their faces were priceless when they saw their own pictures of  Sissy!

For all of you out there that are preparing or will be preparing care packages for your babies...stay tuned...we bought a recordable story book from Hallmark and will try to post a video clip of it once it is complete...it is pricey, but well worth it for our baby to hear our voices everyday until we arrive!

Have a blessed week and be a blessing!


  1. The newborn photo is just precious! The cards look great and such a good deal. I can't wait to hear and see more about the care package. I'm going to need some ideas...hopefully soon!

  2. She is so sweet and adorable!