Sunday, July 4, 2010

Package for Our Girl (Updated 08.04.2010)

Today I had a very important task to complete! We are gathering items to send to our sweet girl in a care package...our ideas:
  • A couple of outfits
  • Disposable camera
  • Picture Album
  • Stuffed Animal or Blanket
The biggest decision has been to decide what size of clothes to send. Our girl is 21 lbs at 7 months old. I was concerned that 18 months would be way to long, but then 12 months may be to small. I think I was at the store an hour or so picking up this and that, putting it down, looking at something else...well, here is what we ended up with for the outfits:
  • 12 month outfit
  • 12 month shorts
  • 18 month shirt
  • 18 month shirt
We think they are just so cute!!! We are hoping her Foster Mother will take pictures of her in the outfits to send to us!

Tomorrow we will work on the photo album. We were hoping to "Build-A-Bear" with the recordable squeeze buttons, so that we could each say something to her and put one in each hand and foot, but since Opry Mills flooded out, we will look for another option, I have heard Hallmark has books that you can record reading the pages, I think I will check these out!

We are just so happy to have our little girl and pray our journey to pick her up is very soon!

Happy 4th of July!


Here is a glimpse of our completed care package and the wonderful Recordable Storybooks that Hallmark have in stock. We are just waiting anxiously to hear that our girl has received her package!

Sweet little stuffed giraffe....we bought a twin to keep at home for when she comes!

Soft photo album with slots for pictures of dad with brothers, mom with brothers, and her grandparents.

A photo album with 20+ pictures of us...mommy, daddy, and brothers:

We also included two single use cameras, two Johnson & Johnson travel kits, and a translated letter to the foster parents....

We enjoyed specially picking out each item for our girl and prepared the package with such love. We hope to receive pictures of her soon enjoying the items we sent! This is a great way to endure this long wait...I highly recommend to waiting families.


  1. Fabulous care package! I love everything you put in there - what a great Mom you are ;)

  2. Love the outfits---too cute! There are these recordable stars at some Hallmarks (I had to have one sent to me b/c AZ doesn't have them)--they play Twinkle Twinkle & we sang to our little girl & sent it. It's smaller than a book (so easier to pack). Just an idea if you're interested. ;)