Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Do you believe in Miracles? (Updated)

If you have experienced or witnessed the birth or pregnancy of a child and/or the adoption of a child...you have definitely witnessed probably not just one, but many miracles along those journeys!

As many of you know not only were we matched with our little girl the week of my birthday/father's day, but also we were able to obtain the large fee from accessing our 401K funds. Needless to say these were nothing less than miracles in our books and made this year amazing. However, what I haven't shared with you yet is what I would call the icing on the birthday cake.

The night of my birthday it had been a long day and I had struggle the entire day with a pretty bad headache. I took meds, took naps, and finally that night when all were in bed was wide awake and decided to check my email....

If you have been following this blog throughout our adoption journey you may remember in January when we reviewed the very first file of a little girl....click this link to read more:

Tears of Peace, Tears for Sunshine

...bottom line we were head over heels for this little girl and we were broken hearted and confused on the process, how God could allow a child to have such a grim possible prognosis, with the decision we knew that He was leading us to in not accepting the file. The few weeks when we reviewed the first two files were the toughest part to this process so far.

A few weeks later we noted that Sunshine had been matched with one of the families of several that had decided to proceed with her file. We were so happy when we knew this, but I still wondered about her - would she be okay? did we make the right decision? who were her parents?

I never saw a post about her on the forum am I on and we knew quite frankly that it was not our right or even a very big chance that God will allow us to know her journey. What we knew is that God had placed in our paths to pray to her family and to pray for her life and I was at peace in knowing that.

Now fast forward to the night of my birthday. I opened my email and this is what I read:

"I have been meaning to pm (message) you for a while now, I've just been waiting for the right moment, and now seems to be the perfect time!...I happened to read your blog, and I believe that our baby girl's file is one that your family was inquiring about...I remember reading your blog and how hard you & your beautiful family prayed for her, and I want you to know that I am so touched and so incredibly thankful for your prayers, and how genuinely happy you were that your "sunshine" found a family...us !!! I have prayed so hard for a child, and Baby Sunshine came to us just when we needed her. Already, she has changed me and NEVER in my life have I been happier....We have named her *******and I know that you would be over the moon to hear that ****** is HEALTHY, happy, growing and thriving. She is no longer thought to have mito disease...It's truly amazing how God has a plan for everyone...everything is in His time. I am SO SO SO very happy for you, your family, SO happy for Annalee, and hope that we will be lifelong friends What an exciting time for you, for me, for us !!!"


It was one of the most precious gifts I have ever received...it was a balm on my heart and brought our journey full circle in amazing peace!

Needless to say I sat and cried to my hearts content to know that this little girl who we had prayed for, who the ladies in our church had laid hands on me and prayed for our decision for this little girl, for her health, for her family, for God's will! God is so gracious and amazing, His timing is perfect, and He loves us so far beyond what we can imagine!

Now I must admit that I was a bit apprehensive to see pictures of "Sunshine". I wondered how I would feel when I saw her picture, I love Annalee and we have the perfect daughter, but I wondered if their would still be a tug on our hearts. God again is amazing...when I saw her picture what we had was peace, happiness, joy for her and her family, and praise and awe that she is healthy! She is a beautiful little girl, just like her momma and I am so happy God placed them together.

I have one more request for "Sunshine" and her family...the last step to get your travel call is VI, the Visa Interview, which she had last week. Usually your Travel Call (TC) is within 48 hours...as of yesterday her momma still had not received travel call! Please pray that they will be travelling to Korea soon and her momma will get the call she is desparately waiting for. I cannot even begin to imagine how hard it must be at this point to be waiting for the phone to ring! Please pray for safe travels and for a smooth transition!

Thank you my prayer warrior friends, not only for your prayers before, but for the prayers I know you will send up now!

Do you believe in Miracles? 


The day after this post I found out that "Sunshine" will be coming home in less than two weeks...her mommy received Travel Call!!!! Awesome!!!!

...it's hard not to when you see such amazing orchestration from above!

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  1. I believe!!! :)
    Without a doubt. Thank you E. You are truly an angel...