Thursday, September 9, 2010

EP Approval!!!!

Today we received one of the emails we have been waiting for a few weeks now. We received the news that the Emigration Permit (EP) has been approved, which is one more step in the process.

So what exactly does EP approval mean?

Well, it is a huge step to our girl coming home and many families receive their Travel Call (TC) within 30 days or less from EP approval. This means in one month, which would be my sister's birthday, I could be getting that wonderful call. Although I sure won't complain if it arrives sooner!

You may be wondering why we have to still wait another 30 days to go get our girl. Well, first I have to say that we are extremely blessed and have been zooming right along on this way to TC. Also, a very good on-line friend of mine, received her referral just days from ours, our girls were born the same day, and our timelines match almost perfect now, so we could be in Korea together. Lastly, if we actually do travel in one month, it will be the beginning of our oldest son's fall break from school, so he will not have to miss as much time away as he would if we received the call earlier or later!

Isn't God amazing in how He orchestrates all of these little details!

So back to why we may need to wait 30 more days. After EP approval, the Korean Government must issue the Travel Certificate (est. time 1 week), then she will have her Visa Physical, then the Packet 3 (P3) with all of the important approvals will be sent to the US Embassy in Korea for approval (est. time 1 week). After all of these things are done, then they will schedule the Visa Interview and Annalee's Foster Mother will take her to the interview...I wonder if she (Annalee) will have much to say?

After the Visa Interview the Visa will be issued and we will receive our TRAVEL CALL!

That is 30 days full of approvals and I must begin to write my checklists...what to ask her Foster Mother, what to pack, figure out what to write in the letters to Annalee's Birth Mother and Foster will be a very busy 30 days!

Have a blessed weekend!

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