Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Passing the Time

At least once a day I get asked when our girl is coming home, are the boys excited about getting a new sister, and am I so excited in anticipation of "the call"...the answers are:

"As soon as possible I hope"

"They can't youngest asks everyday when I return from work, Mommy, did you go get Annalee today?"

"Words cannot describe the feeling you have anticipating that call and the moment our girl will be in our arms!"

Today there was a discussion regarding the Emigration Permit (EP) and the process wait time for approval. Our friend, who is waiting for her sweet boy Charlie, just received her approval at 9 weeks waiting, so I calculated where we are and on Thursday we will be 8 weeks into our wait for EP approval. So now I am very hopeful we will receive an email notice this week or next letting us know we have approval.

The significance of this approval is that most people travel within 30 days or less after their EP approval! We are getting ever so close to that call!

Meanwhile, we can never just wait twiddling our thumbs, so as if life wasn't eventful enough we talked to our bank a few weeks ago and learned now was the perfect time to refinance our mortgage. We have been checking into a refinance for a couple of years now and the rate was just too great to pass up. However, we have many "mini" renovations started, part of the reason we had put off refinancing until now.

So, my sweet hubby has an ever-growing honey-do list and we are becoming premier customers at our local Lowe's. Now for the fun part...the bank would like to do the appraisal ASAP, so we can close on the loan before our trip to Korea, so our goal is to have all of these projects complete by Monday morning. Well, one blessing is I now have something else to obsess about, rather than whether or not I have updated pics of our girl or if we have EP approval!

So this leads to a couple of prayer requests:

  1. Please pray we will have the endurance and time management to complete all of the tasks needed before the appraisal.
  2. Pray that the house will appraise for the target amount, so that we can have the PLI removed from the loan.
God has so richly blessed us with the ability to work and with opportunities to stretch each dollar He provides and we are so grateful. We are also very thankful for the distraction during what could be a very trying time in the wait.

Have a great week!

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  1. hey there!
    you don't know me but I came across your blog on the Holt forum. My husband and I are about 6 weeks behind you guys in the process of bringing our little girl home from South Korea too! We are also using Holt and in fact our little girls are right next to each other on the Children Matched with Families page on Holt's website! I have loved looking at your blog and your process and it has given me encouragement that we are not far behind! I would love to talk to you and ask you some questions if you don't mind. My email address is If you have time would you mind emailing me so that we could chat? Thank you so much!
    Amy O'Mara