Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Visa Physical

Tonight is Wednesday in Korea, so our girl is preparing to go or returning from her Visa Physical. Since we have everything else done I am predicting we may get "The Call" next week, however, I know it could be another two or three weeks if things run long.

So tomorrow I will throw open the suitcase in her room and begin to pack and make lists of everything we need to take. I need to finish knitting the scarf for the Foster Father. Then there are the letters to the Birth Mother and Foster Mother that I need to write....the list goes on and on and I am so thankful because this will keep me busy!

Have a blessed Wednesday!!!!


  1. I've been thinking about you Ellen!!! It seems like the average wait is 2 weeks after VP, but since you have EA, it might go faster!!! Still looking like we could meet up in Korea ;)

    I'm losing hope that I'll be able to go on Saturday, so the soonest after that I can travel is the 12th... actually... maybe you'll beat me there! LOL ;)

  2. HORRAY!!! You are almost there mama! That girl will be in your arms so soon!!! So delighted for you! We're praying for you!

  3. WOW, you're almost there! Can't wait to see pictures of your sweet little girl! :)