Thursday, October 14, 2010

First Moments with Our Girl

Annalee was wonderful on the plane, she slept half of the flight home from Korea and only cried for about 15 minutes on the flight to Louisville. She was amazing, such an easy going baby. Also, our amazing family came to the airport at midnight to greet us! As soon as we caught sight of them at the security gate, tears started was a beautiful and sweet reunion!

The first night was really tough. She cried for her foster mother...knowing how much she was loved just overwhelmed my heart. Annalee, Ethan, and I all just had a great big cry that first night. She has had several moments since then, mainly during the times that would be reserved for her foster mother...bedtime, bottle at night, etc. She calls me O-mma (very sternly said) and when she cries for her foster mother it is a very soft (u-mma-mma). Precious little girl!
The foster family has blessed us so much. They sent five albums of pictures, a picture of the entire family with Annalee at the daughter's wedding, hospital pictures of her, handprints, footprints, and after receiving the care package everyday they would play our recorded book with our voices and she would show her our picture album and say, "Omma (momma), Appa (daddy), and Oppa (older brother) as she would point to our pictures.

She is very shy and when people on the plane would speak to her in Korean and try to see if she would come to them, she would say "O-mma" and snuggle her face into my chest. Several were amazed that she was calling me O-mma and commented on how smart she was to already know her Omma.

To look into her eyes is the most amazing feeling, she just gazes with this look of curiousity trying to view my soul and all that my heart holds for her. She loves her Oppas...she crawls behind them in the house and when she doesn't see them she calls for them. Isaiah is such a trooper, he is such a mamma's boy, and missed me so much, then I can't hold him when holding her and he has patiently waited for moments when we can snuggle. I think he will be as thick as theives with his little sister and although she is three years younger, she is already almost to his shoulders tall! This experience has made me so proud of my children and the love and bravery they have through change.

Annalee has taken her time getting to know her daddy. This morning I had to shower and she screamed. Daddy had to bring her to the bathroom and stand by the shower, so that she could see me and still she cried for O-mma until I was dressed and could put her in the "pouch". However, later in the day she went to him for a few minutes at first, to staying with him at the van, while I took a break at the rest-stop, no tears after this morning. She still wants Omma to feed her, but she has taken to him quickly. Tonight when we got home he was carrying her through the house and she said..."Appa, appa, appa". It will be no time until she is a complete Daddy's girl! Be still my heart!

Right now my entire family are in their respective beds sleeping. Annalee is in her crib and went down with no tears. She slept many hours today, so we will see if she sleeps through the night or not.

Thank you all for your prayers, loving comments, encouragement, and support! We are so blessed and thankful that God has chosen this path for our lives!

Now for what you have all been waiting for:



  1. Makes me want to cry. What an experience this was for you, your son, and family - WOW! Thanks for letting me enjoy it too! Loved all the pictures! I'm not the adventurous type, my hubby is, so this experience may be a lot for me, but seeing your pictures has shown me a place I can not wait to go to! Thanks and congrats to you Ellen! :)

  2. Oh she is so sweet, precious, beautiful, cute, amazing. Congratulations! I am very happy for you. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  3. Sweet Annalee, you are sooooo beautiful and so precious...your family has been waiting so long for YOU...I am so happy that you are finally home sweet baby...

  4. Can't believe you are already home! What an amazing trip for you and your son! Annalee is so precious and such a big girl :) So excited for you and hope the transition continues to go smoothly!

  5. Oh my goodness she is so precious! It sounds like she is doing very well. May God continue to bring blessings your way from your sweet Annalee.

  6. she is oh so cute! love it :) Congrats

  7. She is precious! I'm so glad you are home safe and sound. I LOVE that picture of the 5 of you finally together! Congratulations!!