Saturday, October 9, 2010


This is Nate posting for Ellen because she and Ethan are 37,000 ft flying fast on a Boeing 777 to Korea right now!  I'm at home wondering if they are sleeping or looking out the window playing I spy?  I would if I was there.  I am so happy for them both to have this experience of a life time.  I told Ellen that I was fine without going but you I'm a little jealous, maybe!  I just want to meet our little girl Gods had in his plans for so long....
Knowing that all this is about to happen I wonder if God breaths a sigh of relief for us...cause he's known for ever, man that's DEEP!  Thanks for listening to me rant, keep the prayers coming, Thanks


  1. I've thought about them all day. What an experience for them both! Congrats to you and your family, that precious little girl is coming home soon!

  2. Nate~
    We are so happy for you and Ellen. We can't wait to meet little Annalee...and have some yummy Korean food. Tell Ellen that we are praying for her everyday! God Bless!