Monday, October 11, 2010

Picture Update #4 from Seoul - City Tour

We figured out that our toilet is one of those fancy ones that has a "rinse" of course one of us had to try it out...let's just say the spray will wake you was ice cold!

Snacks and room pics

Starting the day: Ethan & Mom

Visit to the bank to exchange dollars for wons:

We figured out our hotel does not have a 13th & 14th floor:

Our visit to the palace:

The Korean Folk Museum

Insadong Shopping District

Lunch at McDonalds - I had a Bulgolgi Burger - Yum!

Ms. Kim our wonderful tour guide!

Holt Reception Center:

We visited the reception center and played with two amazing babies and was able to see 3 more that were napping or eating. If we get permission then I will share some of these photos as well, but until them let me just say they were too cute!

Ethan is snoozing on the couch and I am homesick and exhausted, so I think we will crash for tonight. We have a huge day tomorrow!


  1. Ellen, you are more than welcome to share pics of Zoe! Thanks again for going to visit her. It warms my heart to know she had a mommy to love on her while I can't. I really needed these new pics of my baby.. you are such a blessing to me! Get some rest tonight! You have a big day tomorrow! ~paula

  2. GREAT pictures!! Every time you post pictures, I get more and more excited about traveling there! Thanks for the insight! I hope you've rested well, such busy, busy days you've had, but tomorrow is the big day right?!? So happy for you, your family, and your baby girl! It warms my heart..:)

  3. So thrilled for you!! Enjoy and savor every minute.

    I miss Korea so much!!!

  4. Ellen,

    Love all the pictures, but can't wait to see the one of YOU, ETHAN, and ANNALEE.--I know you can't wait either.
    We will check in again this evening, and will continue to pray for you.


  5. Oh ELLEN! You and Ethan have been BUSY! Thanks for posting all those photos, it's so great to see what you've been doing ;)

    And of course, like everyone else said, I can't WAIT to see pictures of you with Annalee!!!!!

    Hope you were able to get some sleep! ;)

  6. SO FUN!!! Can't wait for tomorrow's pictures with Annalee - YAY!!!!!