Sunday, October 10, 2010

Picture Update #2 from Seoul

Here are the pictures of our day today...enjoy!

Dad these pictures are for you!
They have a whole store of buddy shoes here...lots of people wearing them!

Bubby we took this Robot picture for you!

Seoul at about 7:30 am on a Sunday morning

Lots of Sunday morning traffic

Yongik University entrance

Four story coffee shop...there are lots of coffee shops, mimi marts, & cell phone stores

Motorcycles are parked on the sidewalks

Bubby, look at this cool bike!

Disney Store- it is very tiny inside & expensive

See Buzz Lightyear and Woody!

Dad...we found a bug, but it's in the store!

Sunday morning 7:30 am trash was everywhere...we thought from Saturday night parties, but this is where the street market is, by 1pm trash was all gone & streets were clean!

Pizza delivery bike

Picture of the street corner our hotel is on, so if we got lost :)
Good thing we did not have to use! ;)

The main street to Dunkin Donuts and KFC...same street as last pic just in opposite direction.

Trees on the could also see clothes lines on the buildings below from our room window.

(dirty window)

Pics from our room and the hall windows by our room on the 15th floor!

The best burgers in the world by Uncle Joe!
He was so nice & told us that they could not get dill pickles here, so the burgers have sweet pickles.
We told him we had lots of burgers, but the best two we've ever had were the freedom burger at Ms. Elaines and The Joe at Joes! He was very happy with the compliment and very fluent in was such a nice time. Ethan told him we would have to eat lunch there everyday and he said no...burgers are good, but you can't eat them everyday it wouldn't be healthy, but please come back 1 more time before you leave!

The open market behind our hotel. We walked many, many drive right down the middle, so you have to be careful. We found a few neat things and may have to go back for a few things tomorrow!
Ethan bought a really nice watch (although a bit big on his arm) for 5,000 won, that is less than $5 US dollars as $1 exchanged for $1, 038 won. He also got a tiny LED blue keychain light, so he was really happy!

Ethan carrying the rest of his Joe's Bacon Burger and eating Turkish ice cream. It was really weird it tasted chocolate and vanilla, but when you bit into it, it was stringy kind of like gum or taffy, but cold and melty like ice cream. They guy would do a show and when he handed it to you would flip the cone around, then when you would try to grab it he would drop and catch it before handing it to you. He was wearing a vest like you see on circus monkeys playing the accordian in pictures, if you know what we mean! 

We spotted Elvis in Seoul!!! There were two men wearing Elvis heads and then the guy behind him had grafitti like on his shirt (there were 4-5 of them) they were handing out flyers for a promote peace event.

Seoul at about 9:30pm from our hotel windows after talking to Daddy & Bubby on the phone!
We love you guys!!!!

Ethan's pics of the hotel business center taken from the computer side of the room.

Also, good news - while napping I heard a bell sound in the room. After a couple of times I heard someone at our door. The hotel person had our big suitcase!!!! I can wear makeup and we have the gifts and donations we brought with us for Holt! Very relieved!

We took about a 4-5 hour we are going to eat dinner and then sleep tonight. Tomorrow morning we go on the City Tour of the Palaces in Seoul and then we are going to try to find one of the markets to do some shopping.

Please pray for me...we are both doing great with our allergies and my back, but my feet/ankles and hands staying swollen. There must be alot of salt in the food and staying on my feet for about 48 hours has not helped. Pray that the swelling will subside overnight, because the city tour tomorrow is mostly walking!!!

Everyone have a wonderful Sunday! 


  1. LOVE THE PICTURES! So happy for you and your son! Keep 'em coming! The sights are amazing, love all the photos! Great keepsakes! Hope you two are having a great time!

  2. so fun!!! Please take great notes so that we can pick your brain when you get home for our trips :)

  3. I love the pictures! I knew Elvis wasn't dead. I guess he's just been living in Seoul! Who knew? :) Hope you are able to get some rest and the swelling goes down. Still praying for you, friend!