Sunday, October 10, 2010

Picture Update #3 from Seoul - Nite Life

Tonight we took some pictures of a few of our goodies from shopping today and then went out for dinner...these pictures are from around 11:30pm...

Here is Ethan's watch and flashlight...less than $6 US dollars for both...sweet!

My airplane necklace...thought it was perfect as reminder of this trip.

Trying to do a self portait of us...we'll have to work on that skill! ;)

Ethan's pick of mom in her airplane background our big suitcase with goodies arrived! Yeah!!!!

Dinner at KFC...looks normal, right? Not! The chicken had been soaked in hot sauce under the breading, so it was super spicy and was very greasy! They also had Bugolgi burgers! We haven't been brave enough yet to try the very ethnic cuisine fried squid and various other dishes!

Street vender at night, they have these great socks everywhere for about $1.75 a pair...I have to get some, mostly cartoon we found the next picture funny, you can draw your own conclusions...

Our president on the display of cartoon socks!

Honey, look orange marmalade! Yummm!

This is the same street as the market with the Elvis head from earlier today...almost empty, except for a few stragglers and the trash is piled up everywhere again! Don't worry we were right by the hotel...very safe!

Korean Flag - an older lady behind us stopped and soluted the flag as she passed.

More motorcycles on the sidewalk...Ethan loves seeing all of the great bikes here!

Of course there are also lots of regular bicycles too!

Of course cars also park on the sidewalks!

Ethan at our hotel entrance welcome desk

Another shot as you enter the hotel

A rock garden under the stairs in the hotel

Restrooms - Men & Women...notice the braille markers on the floor.

The elevators have them as well.

Police van with sirens and and lights

Korean railcar and plane vehicle that build together

Brother we bought these at a Family Market...which one do you want?

Another view of the business center

That's all folks!!! Goodnight!!!


  1. what fun! I love all your goodies - hope got some good sleep ;)

  2. More pictures...I love it!! The socks crack me up! I definitely couldn't have eaten that chicken...sounds too hot for me! It looks like you two are having so much fun!!

  3. Looks like you had a great day! love the pics!! :)

  4. ellen!!! i'm SO very excited to hear you are in korea! i am loving looking at your pictures and reading about your adventure! i just wish we were there with you...will be thinking of you as the "day" approaches...

  5. Wow, you and Ethan are having so much fun! Thanks for going to visit my girl today and giving her some mama love! Now it's time for that sweet Annalee to be in your arms! We're praying for you!