Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Donations for Holt Korea

When we travel to Korea to pick up Annalee we will take donations to Holt for the many children in their care. There are some items that are really expensive or hard to obtain in Korea.

If you would like to donate some items for me to take, please let me know. Here is a list of their needs as of July 2010:


*** 1. Gerber rice cereal - *** There are a lot of premature babies in care. These babies cannot tolerate the multigrain cereal that is available here, and single grain rice cereal is not available. "YES, STILL WE NEED LOTS of GERBER RICE CEREALS."

2. Diaper rash cream as like Desitin and aloe gel.
"During the Summer season, we need those."

3. Moisturizing Baby Lotion or Cream for dry skin is still first priority. Examples include:
"We need this more during the Winter time... for a while, we will be ok without it."

* Aveeno baby lotion - Many of the babies get very dry skin (dermatitis), especially in the winter and this lotion is extremely expensive in Korea.
* Cetaphil moisturizing lotion
* Johnson & Johnson baby lotion
* Vaseline will be also good.

4. Sometimes they have older children over 3 or 4. Coloring books, crayons, toys, etc are very helpful.

5. Baby & toddler Clothing - 0-36, 48 months clothing are always welcomed. "We would love to receive these for Donation."


** Neutamigen Formula by Enfamil is still needed. **


1. Stretch mark lotion/cocoa butter- used for relieving the itchy skin of expecting mothers due to their skin stretching to accomodate the baby. This is the top priority for the birth mothers.

"Recently one adoptive family brought this but they were only able to give it to one maternity shelter in Seoul though they have 5 maternity shelters. Young teenager moms need these."

2. Maternity clothes- Assume XS, S, or M size. (maternity clothes are expensive in Korea). New maternity clothing only please (i.e. no hand-me-downs).

3. Aloe vera


* Multi-vitamin with iron - polyvisol (for babies)

* Cleft-lip/palate bottles and spoons

* Baby toys (rattles and teething toys)

* Preemie baby clothes (unavailable in Korea)

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  1. Count me in! I will get shopping....when do I need to get this stuff to you? Maybe we can come down and have dinner...someplace with yummy Korean food? Let me know.