Wednesday, August 11, 2010

School Starts, Schedules Change, I600 Debacle, & EP Submitted...Whew!

This has already been quite an eventful week in our house!

Our oldest started 4th grade on Monday. We can't believe how much our son has grown up...he is such a kind-hearted kid, we can't wait to see God's plan unfold in his life!

While school was off to a start our youngest and his Daddy were getting into their new routine and adding some finishing touches to our girl's room. Other than picking up something in Korea to put in the wall space over her bed the decorating is complete!

We refurbished a mirror that was willed to me by my is the perfect addition to her room!

We received our I600 approval on Friday, only to learn later in the day that I had filled out Annalee's name on the form as the name we will give her versus her Korean name. The approval must have her Korean name, so first thing Monday morning I called to have it corrected. Our file had already been sent to the National Visa Center (NVC) and the officer on our case had her Korean last name spelled incorrectly, so I had to refax our legal documents.

Today I called the NVC and we are considered NVC in and out...another big step in obtaining her Visa, however, it is with the wrong name, so those steps will have to be recompleted after her name is corrected. Needless to say I will be calling USCIS first thing tomorrow morning!

In addition we received notice today that we were submitted for EP, her Emigration Permit, on July 15th! This is wonderful news as all of the timelines I'm tracking show an average travel time of around 30-35 days after EP approval! We went from hoping to travel in October to now possibly going to travel in September, maybe even mid to early September!

This reality has been absorbing ever so slowly! The good thing is ticket prices for Delta drop in half as of Sept 1st, so that is a relief, the room is about ready, I have 5 weeks in PTO accrued. Then the to do and to get lists just bring on mental block! Ahhh! I am shopped out with the room, so I will just have to make a list until I can recover and am renewed to search for some really good bargains!

Things I am pretty sure we will need:

  • Carseat to bring her home from the airport...

  • Baby carrier for the flight home. I really want the Babyhawk Oh Snap, but they are really pricey...well worth the money if she is used to being carried and it will help my back, plus it will work up to 45 lbs!

  • Luggage. We bought our current luggage about five years ago and it is great for local travel, but has not held up to well when I have flown domestically...I need to check with some International travelers to find a durable travel set.

  • Gifts for Foster Parents - I found a photo book of Kentucky on-line and think it would be wonderful, but not sure what to include with it. How do you pick something for people that have done so much for your child?

  • Then there are all those little things...diapers, bottles, wipes, formula, pajamas, socks, sheets, etc.

  • Hand rails for our basment steps - have to get that done before she arrives!
Wish List
*wants vs. needs*:

  • Camera - ours quit workiing a few months ago and we use our cell phones, but it will top my list of buys!

  • Rocker for the babies room - we just haven't been able to find the

  • Rug - same as above...would be nice, but haven't found the right color/style

  • Stroller - need to do some research, but thinking this will be a birthday/christmas purchase after she arrives!
We are going to have to do some shopping!

I know there is no need to fret...God has provided and guided each step of the way and I know he will continue to do so! We may have another yard sale and we will take it a day at a time getting things ready!

Thank you all for your prayers, please pray we will get this I600 issue fixed soon and that it won't cause any problems as we wrap up this process to travel. Praise God for His wonderful grace and promises!


  1. What a handsome young man! I know you are so proud.

    The nursery looks so beautiful. I love the butterflies and Blessings on the wall!

    I'm praying everything will fall into place and the I600 issue will be resolved. I can't believe how close you are to travel! I'm just thrilled for you, Ellen. I can't wait to see that sweet girl in your arms forever!!

  2. I am sorry, i could not read the whole post from my phone, I see your travel timeline now. :) Wow, so soon. Congrats!!