Friday, August 20, 2010

Her Name is Fixed!!!!

Tonight I was headed to bed and received the following in an email from the US Emabassy in Seoul...

"Thank you for your email. We contacted USCIS through CIS, Seoul to fix the problem. FYI, we have received corrected I-171, Visa37, and I-604 with a baby’s name corrected. We also notified local adoption agency regarding this issue. It doesn’t look like there is more action from your side for this matter for now."


For good stress relieving  measure over the weekend we finally found "the rug" and "the chair" for Annalee's room:

We found both in Madisonville, KY at the Carpet Barn (rug) and Todd's Furniture (chair). The furniture place is a scratch and dent furniture store. The chair has two pencil erasor size marks on one of the arms....we only paid $80 for the chair. You probably can't tell, but it is a 360 swivel and a glider/rocker and has some neat geometrical shapes very similar to the curtains embossed in it!

Our luggage is falling apart and our camera takes black pictures, even with new batteries, so we ordered a new camera...Nikon CoolPix L110 with a great discount, we ordered an autographed photo book of KY from a photographer in Crestwood, KY as a gift for the Foster Family, and we bought an Ergo baby carrier from a lady on the Holt Forum we participate in at 1/3 of the original cost! Check, check, and check on my list of must buy items for the trip!

I can't wait for all of these goodies to arrive!

We found luggage at an awesome deal. It is Samsonite Litespeed with a 10 year warranty. The two pieces that we purchased were $143 including tax, however, they originally were $398 + tax! I love a great bargain and quite stunning I think!

So you could say my USCIS debacle came with a nice little stress relieving price tag or that it pushed me to finish up much of the "necessity shopping for the trip"! Now I am knitting scarves as gifts for the Foster Family and have a few more gifts to purchase...then I might actually start packing these blue bags!

As if life has not been crazy enough in the past week...the mail came yesterday and brought with it a summons for Jury Duty for me! Can you believe it? I have always thought that it would be a cool thing to do, with all the Perry Mason and Matlock episodes I watched growing up, but the timing could not be more horrific! Needless to say I dropped by my form today with a request to be excused from this session...please pray the judge will be merciful and allow me a waive on this session!

Have a great week and thank you for all of your prayers!!!!!


  1. Yea!!! I am so happy the name got fixed on those important documents and that you found the rest of your nursery decor! Wow, great deal on that swivel chair - those are expensive!!! :)

  2. Lurker stopping by to say Yeah!! Glad to hear everything was fixed. Nice treasures too :)