Saturday, August 14, 2010

Prayers Please!!!!!

This week has been the most trying week I have had in a while and I could really use some prayers!

Last Friday we received our I600 approval, which is also sent to the National Visa Center (NVC) to be entered and sent on to the US Embassy in Korea to have our daughter's Visa issued for travel. I made a mistake on the form and instead of listing her Korean name for her birth name and current name, I listed our name for her as her current name. BIG PROBLEM!

The I600 was issued in the wrong name. When I called Monday it was indicated no problem they could fix it and went to verify the Korean name...they had that spelled wrong with the first letter of the last name incorrect. I refaxed our Legal documents to prove her Korean name and they were going to update it.

Tuesday I called for status on the correction and just received voicemail.

Wednesday morning I called the National Visa Center to check what name they had on file and was told the incorrect name and our documents had already processed to the Embassy with the wrong name...Not Good. I called back to the USCIS office and the office indicated she had already fixed the name and sent it to us, but as of today we still haven't received the corrected approval.

Also, everyone up until today has indicated no problem, once the correction was submitted they would just pass it on to the NVC and the Embassy. Well, today we received the letter that our file was sent to the Embassy. I called the NVC again and this time they indicated I needed to call the Department of State because this would either have to be fixed there or at the Embassy and this was a big issue.

Needless to say it just went downhill from there. So our agency has provided me the phone number to the Embassy, I have a calling card for Korea, and Sunday night here (Monday morning in Korea) I will be on the phone first thing trying to get this worked out. We need the corrected I600 approval in the mail tomorrow or Monday at the latest to get this to them timely.

Needless to say I just broke down and cried today. I also had a really rough week at work and although I didn't let that get me down...this issue with our paperwork really has pounded on my spirit! I know God is in control and this is all in His perfect timing, and I am really trying to learn from this, but I feel so defeated and since part of the mess up is my fault it just weighs very heavily on me.

Bottom line if we don't get this fixed the Visa could be issued in the wrong name causing a huge NIGHTMARE! We are so ready to have our girl home and knowing we are so close is hard!

Thanks for listening...I know this is not my normal upbeat post, but I needed to just be real and need your prayers and God's mercy in this in a BIG WAY!

Have a very blessed weekend!



  1. Oh, Ellen!! Bless your heart! I am so sorry! I know how upset you must be. This will work out, my friend! This did not take our God by surprise and for some reason this is part of His plan in bringing Annalee home. We may not understand why all of this is happening but He has this under complete control. I am praying!!!! Keep me posted!

  2. Oh, I am so sorry, also! I pray it will be resolved quickly so you can have your sweet girl in your arms soon!!